About me

I am a full time knife maker located in Tarvasjoki/Lieto, Finland. I have two kids with my lovely wife, Sanni.

I've been making knives since fall 2013. It all began from making knives as a hobby to being a full time knife maker.

For me the thought, that you can make something beautiful from just few pieces of steel and other materials, gives me pleasure and makes me push myself forward. I think the most important things in knives are beautiful lines and designs, followed by practicality.

I am a member of Finnish Knifemaker's Guild and Finnish Puukko Association



Best Folding Knife, Helsinki Knife Show 2019


Puukkoseppämestari / Master bladesmith accepted by Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI)

First price Finnish Hunting and Fishing magazine (Metsästys ja Kalastus -lehti) big Puukko competition

First price in open class in Finnish Knifemaking Champion Competition